Web Creator

Video Production Services

We absolutely love making videos. Nothing can help tell your story more than a video (even a short 1-2 minute promo) for your website or Facebook page. We specialize in documentaries, broadcast commercials and promotional videos of any kind. We can also design and integrate 2D and 3D animations when necessary to help get your point across.

Motion Graphics

There many cases where we incorporate animated images, text or 3D elements into our videos. It's amazing what can be achieved by taking an ordinary photo and splitting it into multiple layers to give it a 3-dimensional feel. We also build infographic presentations where text and graphics are animated in a creative way that keeps the viewer’s attention. 

Featured Video  

We worked with Dubose Web Group of Columbia, SC to produce this promotional video for Newberry College. Our services included on-site video shooting & editing, photo animating and delivery.